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Thai Beverage - Changes afoot, but still on solid ground (SCB)

Thai Beverage -
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Changes afoot, but still on solid ground

■ Fraser and Neave (F&N) shareholders approved the spin-off of its property business at their EGM on 13 November. Management is seeking a listing for Fraser Centrepoint, a separate entity that would hold the property business.

■ TCC Group controls around 90% of F&N: 62% directly and the remainder through its indirect ownership of Thai Beverage, which has a 29% stake. We expect another round of restructuring to unleash synergies worth THB 8bn.

■ In our view, the dispute with Union of Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited (UMEHL) can be resolved.

F&N EGM approves property spin-off
The spin-off requires the consent of F&N‟s bondholders to a buyback of bonds worth SGD 808mn. F&N has offered to buy back the bonds at par, with accrued interest and an additional prepayment of half of the bond‟s coupon. Today (14 November), the company will hold a vote among the bondholders. The Straits Times reported that some bondholders are displeased with the offer terms.

Another round of restructuring seems likely
We see a 75% probability of an injection of F&N‟s F&B business into Thai Bev in exchange for the latter‟s 29% stake in both F&N and Fraser Centrepoint. We have identified THB 8bn in synergy gains from the injection of F&N‟s F&B business into Thai Bev.

F&N and UMEHL in dispute over MBL
F&N has a 55% stake in Myanmar Brewery Limited (MBL). UMEHL, a government-linked entity, holds the remaining shares. MBL is the dominant brewery in Myanmar, with EBITDA of SGD 66mn in 2012 constituting about one-third of F&N‟s F&B EBITDA. F&N announced last month that it had received an arbitration claim notice from UMEHL. UMEHL believes it should have had an option to purchase F&N‟s stake in MBL before TCC Group took control of F&N. This matter is likely to be resolved amicably, in our view, as neither party would benefit from a protracted battle. We estimate MBL would account for about 47% of beer volume growth in a restructured Thai Bev.

Thai Bev’s core business remains solid
Despite short-term challenges, we expect Thai Bev‟s core spirits business to generate an operating earnings CAGR of 7% over 2014-17E. Its current valuation of 13x PER 2014E reflects a 44% discount to the regional liquor sector average, providing an attractive buying opportunity, in our view.

Source/Extract/Excerpts/来源/转贴/摘录: StandardChartered-Research,
Publish date: 14/11/13

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