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YTL Communications creating a unique niche for customers and students alike

YTL Communications creating a unique niche for customers and students alike


BUYING mobile phones or any Internet provision service was once like getting your groceries from the supermarket.

The scenario would be something like this: a customer scans the range of products and is merely assisted by a nonchalant so-called customer service staff. Eventually, something might be bought in a straightforward transaction over the cash register.

Sometimes, though, even a good product becomes redundant due to the lack of good customer service and no purchase is made.

That’s when that particular store or brand loses out, as exceptional customer service and care is imperative to give any business its competitive advantage.

Any telecommunication and network provision company that has any good business acumen would need to heavily invest in various initiatives in order to stay ahead of the game.

An all-in-one store

After launching its flagship retail store in Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur, mobile Internet brand, Yes Mobile, demonstrates that everything is really a “Yes” as their staff appear to be equipped with a “can do” attitude.

The brand, which is owned by YTL Communications, seems to practise what it preaches as this attitude is also demonstrated by its chief executive officer Wing K. Lee.

This is one of their growth strategies and to stand out among the other players because exceptional customer service and assistance is inimitable.

“It is important that people can experience the speed and quality of our products first-hand.

“In saying so, customers can expect a top-end retail experience at the flagship store where they can touch and try out the products, as well as enjoy a full suite of services.

“They can also sign up for Yes Internet plans, upgrade existing plans, pay bills, purchase starter packs, reload cards, Valuepacks and other products.

“We hope that customers will find our support team very helpful and they can also help with device troubleshooting and enquiries,” explained Lee.

If customers are pleased and the company continues to grow, it will double the number of its retail outlets from six to 12 throughout Johor, Malacca, Penang, Ipoh and Sabah and Sarawak by the end of this year.

Aside from Lot 10, the other outlets in the Klang Valley are KL Sentral station, One Oriental Place, e@Curve, as well as Queensbay Mall in Penang and Danga City Mall in Johor.

There are also a network of eight mobile kiosks and 31 retail partners across the country.

Lot 10’s retail store spans 1,308 sq ft with a minimalist look and it is equipped with sleek counters that showcase the complete range of products such as Huddle XS and Samsung 4G Chromebook for seamless network sharing.

“We have the most competitive price plan in the market and our proposition to our customers is that they will have the highest performance 4G network but at the same price as other 3G networks,” said Lee confidently.

The company has been recognised as offering the fastest 4G mobile Internet with voice and was the winner of the Broadband InfoVision Awards 2011 under the best new service category , Frost & Sullivan’s Most Innovative Service Provider of the Year 2012 and Most promising Telecom Service Provider of the year 2013.

Its network covers more than 85% of peninsular Malaysia with on-going network expansions in Sabah and Sarawak.

While the company is on track with its growth targets, it is facing some inevitable challenges along the way.

“We’ve only been around for two-and-a-half years and are not yet sharing the same distribution footprint size as our more established competitors.

“So we are working hard to communicate our value proposition to customers and make it as easy to understand as possible. This would require more hard work for us, such as expanding our retail outlets rapidly and working with our distribution partners like Harvey Norman and Sengheng to feature our products,” said Lee.

Extending to education

Aside from serving public users, the company also aims to be the choice mobile and education enhancing provider to primary, secondary and tertiary students across the country.

“We are currently working with the Education Ministry to expand our network to public and private schools.

“There are currently about 10,000 public schools that are connected to our network, which is part of our initiative to bridge the digital divide,” says Wee.

Bridging this digital divide is to be able to make the World Wide Web available to everyone who will be able to use the power of the Internet which is instantaneous, borderless and all encompassing.

“With the Yes network, we envision education to be unlimited by enhancing the learning experience for students as well as their teachers.

“As Malaysia is working towards becoming a more developed nation, education and knowledge are among the most important investments that the country can make to get there,” said Lee.

Using the Khan Academy as an example, Lee said that Yes can provide a similar learning tool or make it more accessible in order to assist teachers and tutors to teach more effectively using illustrations, tutorials and forums.

The Khan Academy is a free online educational tool that is accessible to users anywhere in the world offering resources and materials for learning a wide range of subjects.

“Instead of passively sitting in the classroom copying notes from the keyboard, our services will be more interactive and participatory for both students and teachers.

“This would not only expand their knowledge, but allow them to work with their peers, thus building interactive soft skills in the process, which is crucial to survive in the working world,” said Lee.

Every pupil in the schools that we are working with will be given their own Yes ID to use the network through the Yes Bestari portal to experience the benefits of cloud computing which is to access several service providers no matter where they are based.

To do this, the Google Chromebook will be used by students who will be able to experience this learning process.

“If there is a biology lesson about plants for example in one school in Johor, the other school or student as far north as Penang can access the lessons and educational tools from there.

“If we can contribute to building a knowledge based society and country starting from the young ones, it will drive this generation to boost economic growth for the country and its future,” said Lee.

Source/Extract/Excerpts/来源/转贴/摘录: HESTAR.COM.MY
Publish date: 09/09/13

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