Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hua Yang Mission Possible: Affordable housing

Ho Wen Yan, CEO of Hua Yang Bhd
- Is affordable housing compromising quality and comfort?
- Design and technological factors
- Degree of price appreciation and speculative activity
- Build-then-sell policy in property development
- Abandonment by developers
- Build-then-sell may increase house prices
- Quality issues of current system
- Commute time from affordable housing centres to urban employment centres
- Integration of affordable housing with society
- HDB concept
- Growth plans & potential overheating within the property sector
- Affordable segment insulated from speculation
- No plans to go into higher priced segments
- Balancing coporate aims of affordable housing provision with profitability
- Remain true to founding vision
- Cost breakdown: 10-20% Land cost; 40-50% construction costs; Margins- 20-25%
- Labour cost pressures
- Minimum wage: no impact
- Contractors haven't passed higher cost
- Land purchase - 30 acres in Puchong - pushed up gearing to 0.6x
- Capital management and expansion - still can borrow
- Dividend policy - 25-30% payout ratio
- Political connections
- Land banking is a trade skill
- Plans for Iskandar: serving the local population
- Budget expectations

Source/Extract/Excerpts/来源/转贴/摘录: BFM
Publish date: 22/08/13

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